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Hair Hassles: 

An Abecedarium

4 x 6 inches, hardcover 

Accordion Style Book 

38 pages, 26 illustrations 



Hair Hassles focuses on the process and the pains for a young girl getting her hair done every day. The process of creating the book took me back to when I was growing up and getting ready for school with my parents and how much of a hassle curly hair is as a young girl. The text throughout the book is curated from phrases and statements said to me as a young girl from important figures in my life. These figures are represented by the mother in the book. Moving through the accordion-style book, an implied timeline occurs and depicts the different standards of getting ready as a young boy and a young girl.



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Centaur Mt Pro

The book is typeset in Centaur, a serif typeface, by book and typeface designer Bruce Rogers, based on the Renaissance-period printing of Nicolas Jenson around 1470. 


The color choices were based on chance which subsequently led to the overall topic choice, by picking a random page number from A Dictionary of Color Combinations by Sanzo Wada. 





Mom says “We have to brush our hair in the morning to be presentable at school.”


Mom says “You’re lucky you have curly hair, I would have to wear rollers to look like that.”


I think whipping my hair around after a day of my hair being up is the best feeling.”


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