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Phone Outreach is an app created to provide a more modern avenue to help offenders complete their probation or parole requirements.  Phone Outreach achieves this by giving offenders positive reinforcement. Phone Outreach will change the way offenders view requirements and therefore making them more willing to comply with probation and parole.

Why it Matters

Why it Matters

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The U.S. has one of the highest recidivism rate. In 2015, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that an estimated 6,741,400 total persons were supervised by the US adult correctional system or approximately 1 in 37 adults. The budget to maintain the prison population is around $74 billion. Unfortunately, the data indicates that individuals who have been released often end up being incarcerated again. Statistics show those who are involved with their community are less likely to recommit.


of released prisoners were rearrested, within three years.


of released prisoners were rearrested, within five years.

The app provides a resource that they carry with them all the time to notify them of their schedule, court dates, class appointments as well as provide positive reinforcement that they are being compliant.

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Active GPS Monitoring 24/7 GPS

Tracking with inclusion/exclusion zones and curfew monitoring.


The importance of checking in to community service hours allows users to eliminate paperwork misplacement.

Color of the Day  


Color and is provided with information on procedures they needed to follow, without the hassle of calling the Color Code Hotline.

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Event Reminders

Remind users of important events automatically to reduce failure to appear rates.

Fees & Fines


Remind users of importance of making payments on time and in correspondence with courses.

Autofill & Calendar  


Calendar feature allows the user to enter their work schedule and then autofill finds community service locations in their free time. 

App Features

How it Works

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The case officer will download the app to the device. Which automatically loads all of the offenders' requirements onto it.

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The app will help offenders' stay organized with alerts to remember
to check their requirements often.

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Offenders feel accomplished and motivated to finish out probation or parole, while they keep checking off requirements.

User Flow

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AaBbCc 123


Lato is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Łukasz Dziedzic. It covers all Latin alphabets, along with Cyrillic, Greek, and IPA. The name "Lato" is Polish for "summer." Dziedzic created the typeface in the summer of 2010 for a Polish bank.

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When opening Phone Outreach you will be given a personal code to login with. The code can be entered in every time so users can have privacy from others using their phones. "Remember me" can be chosen for members who easily forget login info. 

Depending on the terms of users probation or parole "Color of the Day Drug Testing System" will be implemented into the app. This allows the current hotline to receive fewer calls and make the process seamless for users.

Calendar and scheduling feature allows the user to keep all courses, jobs, meetings, and community service in order with daily, weekly and monthly views.

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Calendar and scheduling feature allows users to add events and plan for completion of courses and community service. 

Autofill allows the user to find and set-up community service hours around their time with ease. By taking your schedule and finding gaps of free time, the user can decide when and where they would like to volunteer.

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Check-in and check-out features allow users to check-in to their volunteer shifts with geolocation. The user will have the volunteer supervisor fill the app upon check-out. Which easily formats into a pdf to turn into the  Probation/Parole Officer.

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The profile, courses, fees, and contact pages allow the user to stay organized and up-to-date with their requirements. 

Apple Watch Screens

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The Apple Watch features are geared towards busy users, those who need to get from one place to another with reminder alerts.

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